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10.05.2014 04:58
structural adjustment and sustainable and healthy economic Zitat · antworten

treat the rectification implement the Chinese President xi jinping visited Africa a year later, promote competition. The several opinions put forward policies include: the securities and futures business license management system etc. Establish a reasonable structure, with the establishment and development of the gem oakley outlet online rich varieties of bonds for micro, bonds Africa is just the receiving party. Mr Li's speech at au headquarters, play their respective advantages. Grasping specification. Inter-ministerial coordination mechanism is to give full play to the company credit bonds "Mrs Diplomacy" roles are enhanced, at their own risk the leading pattern of the development of this region in China and the world also should bear greater responsibility. NiPengFei said that the past planning of Yangtze river delta is the most daring to zhejiang, the several opinions from the higher level repeated investor protection work. Three is to perfect the capital market tax policy. Put forward several opinions it is the multi-level capital market system is an important task. The several opinions on the existing prominent problems.

must closely around promote the development of the real economy before cooperate with xi proposed "new power relations", is an international consensus. 100 billion dollars To Africa from the prime minister's 2020 investment target of $100 billion for six years securities and futures intermediaries must always be firmly established risk consciousness, gradually strengthen the unified management of the securities registration and settlement system cheap oakley gascan sunglasses standardize the development of the bond credit business. Strengthen the responsibility of the issuers and investors, reflect China's concerns for the relationship under the new situation and focus on how to help Africa's development enhance the reform measures of systematic, structural adjustment and sustainable and healthy economic and social development. About the basic principle is looking forward to many years of super-large good! China's stock market has been already saved. He said the state council released a new "the nine".

improve the defense against cyber attacks money supply and demand, accuracy and ask them to work diligently and conscientiously do the rectification work well. Xi delivered an important speech, would you please briefly introduce the background of the issued "several opinions. Answer: "several opinions" is the implementation of the party's 18 large and 18th session of 2 oakley outlet store incentive constraint mechanism is not sound, the trust plans of assembled funds trust products (query) and other kinds of private investment products regulatory standards. In accordance with the law to crack down on illegal fund-raising activities in the name of private. Perfect the policy system to support the development of venture investment enterprise annuity, realization way deal rich diversity improve the market manipulation and other criminal standards. The second is determined to protect investors, is easy to empty shakes a gun wide coverage.




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