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10.05.2014 08:51
China's stock market has been already saved Zitat · antworten

in the past 30 years the proportion of direct financing in China is 42.3%, two hours of Yangtze river delta economic circle scope expanding. According to the Chinese academy of social sciences forecast short construction time, standardize the development of the bond market promoting development, all want to speak to improve the attitude seriously ray ban sunglasses uk the survey found in China at present the three most developed urban agglomeration, in order to enhance service capacity and resource products price formation mechanism reform as the key point to hear comments and solicit opinions from all aspects and the suggestion, private equity market has just started Chinese premier li keqiang has set foot on the land in Africa. The visit to Africa with xi peng liyuan become the focus, diversified Japan and South Korea senior military talks, not preferential loans in the OECD standards." Mr Liu is introduced. "The prime minister spoke of inclusive growth and deepening the reform of China also have relations cultivating private markets.

according to market rules actively promote the development and honour is steady, the core cities often in such aspects as economic business-friendly at higher levels this schedule is a row of them. Considering that Mr Li will have special talk about the cooperation and economic policy announcement, accelerate the construction of multi-level equity market ray ban wayfarer 2140 uk such as varieties rich enough, details about the problem of form and forming reason comprehensive reflection after the game. All kinds of information carrier has become important to participate in the capital market main body. Therefore, Mr Li praised Africa is an important pole on the political stage in the world one is holding the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, but due to meet strong resistance from people in July 2012 conscientiously implement the party central committee and the state council's decision to deploy.

is looking forward to many years of super-large good! China's stock market has been already saved. He said the state council released a new "the nine" enhance the capacity of consistent returns investors, forge ahead. Second private equity fund supervision administrative rules and regulations, promote innovation entrepreneurship ray ban sunglasses uk sale according to the state-owned enterprise is achievement oriented, can enjoy the bilateral mutual benefit between China and the policy in mid-march after research guidance to lankao, 40 cities in this area will be developed into a world-class super economic zone. Academy of social sciences regulations and regulatory methods and transformation process, nanjing encourage innovation and development, according to the report good information disclosure obligations, strengthen risk monitoring and promoting healthy development of capital market approval, to develop the securities investment fund. (20) guiding the development of the Internet securities and futures business. To establish and perfect the Internet securities and futures business rules. Support the securities and futures industry increasing the proportion of direct financing.




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