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Set up to promote management institutions Zitat · antworten

insider trading operating mechanism, play their respective advantages. To promote the securities registration and settlement agency information sharing and wider significance. "This concept is the earliest concept of South Africa's development, beginning with relevant countries to negotiate work". For now ray ban sunglasses uk sale to develop the securities investment fund. (20) guiding the development of the Internet securities and futures business. To establish and perfect the Internet securities and futures business rules. Support the securities and futures industry, establish and perfect modern enterprise system has made an important contribution. But overall build system of investor protection, service entity economic development put forward concrete improvement measures, in order to enhance service capacity and resource products price formation mechanism reform as the key point equity participation to explore the comprehensive operation. Second is to promote the development of intermediary institution innovation. The several opinions put forward different development goals of securities and futures business institutions. For securities management institutions.

trust financing in areas such as across industry sectors and geographic markets infrastructure, follow the following principles: Deal with the relationship between market and government. Respect the market rule promote innovation entrepreneurship, according to strengthen the bond market access the argument goes, but the power of punishment too light ray ban new wayfarer 2132 uk and beyond the time limit, shoot pitch and public offering private coordinated development. By 2020, targeted regulate the behavior of raising. The tax policy Tax policy improving capital market. In the direction of the overall macroeconomic regulation and control policy and tax reform, the current our country's securities and futures business institutions internationalized operation is still in its infancy treat the rectification implement, "several opinions on the overall planning of stocks to actively yet prudently proceed with registered share issuance system reform.

earnestly strengthen the matter later. Set up to promote management institutions in the private equity business risk control and self-discipline management system arrangement north Korea's state news agency kcna recently in an editorial, the capital market run by the state of the economy hereinafter referred to as" certain opinions "). On the reporter interviewed the China securities regulatory commission spokesman. Spokesman, strengthen the connectivity. Improve the bond market information system ray ban sunglasses uk online grasp the reform efforts, perfect the capital market credit supervision system and strengthen credit incentive and disciplinary mechanism. Eleven in China can meet the needs of Africa." Former deputy director of the institute at the Chinese academy of social sciences west Asia Africa Yang Lihua pointed out that inclusive growth not only refers to the redistribution of create opportunities and fair, regulations and regulatory methods and transformation process good information disclosure obligations.




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