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10.05.2014 11:49
Drum Dryer Can Bring A Great Market in the Mining Industries Zitat · antworten

Drum dryer is a kind of traditional drying machine with reliable operation, big operational flexibility, high adaptability and big processing ability and it is widely used in such fields as metallurgy, building material, chemistry, fertilizer, sand, clay and kaolin. It has high extension ability and the designing of this machine takes into consideration the production allowance, so that even the output increases within a narrow range, no equipment changing is needed. This equipment adopts self-aligning tug structure and the combination of the tug and rolling ring is good, thus greatly reducing the abrasion and consumption of kinetic energy. The overload-proof ability is high and the drum is stable in operation and high in reliability.

So-called multilayer sleeve type drum dryer, compared with the conventional drum dryer, with one cylinder, one is more drum set together, the material from the inner tube, to the cone, to the outer tube. Is also a dryer, if the length is same, multilayer (three layers, for example), compared with single cylinder drying stroke increased three times. That is to say. The multi-layer dryer compared with monocular, covers an area of only one-third of monocular. because three cylinders itself constitute a thermal drying system, namely the heat coming from the inner cylinder surface to drum drying, these a few respects a combination, will greatly reduce energy consumption.

The rotary drum dryer which is also named drying machine is made up of body of revolution, material plate, driving device, supporting device and sealing ring. According to different drying materials, it can be divided into cement rotating dryer, limestone dryer, flour dryer, spray dryer and so on. The advantages of the flour dryer are the following such as the simple structure, easy operation, low cost and large output. At present, many drying processing all requires a rotary dryer, such as coal slime drying, drying of vinasse, forage drying, drying of ore, quartz sand drying, drying of yellow sand, casting sand drying, calcium carbonate, drying and so on. So the rotary dryer is welcomed by customers, the factories also keep on improving the efficiency of rotary drying machine so that they can have a great market.

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