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12.05.2014 05:00
utler the quarterback who i Zitat · antworten

<P>He broke his face last year! Come on Anquan join your new team the Bears!What the bears need to do, bring Jones in, talk to him, find out how much he REALLY wants to play footballThe Vanderbilt product was 105 in his second year as the Bears' starter and threw for 3,274 yards along with 23 touchdowns and 16 interceptions He played in 23 games over two seasons with Chicago, recording four receptions for 40 yards with one special teams tackle He's unlikely to make it all the way back to No</P>
<P>In fact most of the work he does he does with OlinThe Black Bears will be looking to bounce back from Joakim Noah kids Jersey a subpar performance Joakim Noah Pink Jersey in a 41 home loss to UMass on Saturday night The Bears have Clark and Olsen, one who is a pretty good all around TE and the other who is more of a receiverBut Adrian Wilson, the 12year NFL veteran who might have been playing his last home game for the Cardinals, blocked Olindo Mare's 20yard field goal try and Justin Bethel returned it 82 yards with 1:46 to play for the Cardinals' lone TD</P>
<P>If the offense stinks it up after the by week, that should be the last nail in the coffin for Martz and this coaching staffCutler has completed 61The Bears hit the road to do work on the guys they were considering in the first roundNorth Carolina's Hakeem Nicks and Rutgers' Kenny Brittand then started looking Jimmy Butler Navy Jersey elsewhere The Bears are going to name MARTZ just do it and be done with it This is all a mirage</P>
<P>Gosder and Albert may not have elite foot quickness, but their bodies are huge, arms are long and hands are strong enough to lock onto defensive players, allowing them to sustain blocks You need to be our coach for the Super Bowl next year please don't leave Ron Turner with the job of having to run the offence by his self Not saying Marten is gonna be the answer, but you never know, some players take a little longer to develop</P>
<P>It was not just the carriesForte was on the field a lotBears heading to playoffs as dark horseIt seems fitting that with the festive period almost upon us, I am writing about Jay Cutler the quarterback who is leading the Chicago Bears' Super Bowl charge as we enter the final two weeks of the 2010 NFL regular season The Bears didn't need a new offensive coordinator, they needed a new front office to give Turner some talent for a changeHey, does Chris Williams get credit for that first sack when he was pushed back into Cutler so hard by Haynesworth that he could have given Cutler another concussion? Seems only fair, since he got his first reception yesterday as well</P>
<P>He's a better receiver than Burress and brings none of the problems Orton is a conservative game manager with little flash, Lovie is a super conservative head coach, Turner is a conservative OC who calls almost all the plays, Hot Rod is a consevative line coach who's philosophy is to go over the basics again and again, that is what he does, he works the basics, very conservative, Babich is a Lovie desiple and is conservative, Taub is not conservative in any way shape or form but is not a Lovie guy, Angelo is super conservative, the team is conservative in free agency and conservative in the draft"But no one, certainly, is saying that after Sunday's gameBears don't rank high in ESPN'sThe Saints finished first, the Colts second and the Packers third in the rankings, in which teams are compared using several different methods, including bang for the buck, fan relations, ownership, affordability, stadium experience, the effort and likability of players and coaches and championships won and expected to win</P>



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