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Small Pellet Plant For Iron Ore Fines Zitat · antworten

Small Pellet Plant For Iron Ore Fines

iron ore pelletizing

With high-grade Iron ore rapidly depleting, the necessity of Iron ore beneficiation is becoming a reality. Beneficiation of Iron ore is much more economical than getting rid of gangue at higher end of value chain like in BF or BOF / Electric furnace. We believe that it will cost 5 to 10 times more to remove gangue in BF / BOF or Electric arc furnace than in Beneficiation plant. In order to beneficiate the Iron ore, we need to crush and grind the Iron ore to the liberation size to maximize the benefits from the process. Typically Iron ore is liberated when the ore is ground to sub 45 microns size. zenith Minerals has extensive knowledge and expertise in Beneficiation of Indian Iron ore and has supplied India’s largest Hematite ore beneficiation plant.

iron ore pelletization plant

In the pelletization process, very small iron ore particles, called fines, are fused into uniform sized pieces that may be fed into the blast furnace. The ore fines are mixed with a binder, called bentonite, and then fused together in a rotary kiln to form small, round pellets of iron ore. Pelletization plants are usually located at or near the mines where the iron ore is found. The iron ore is usually delivered to the steel mills in the form of pellets.

iron ore making technology

There are two major methods of ironmaking: (1) ironmaking on large-scale using a blast furnace and (2) ironmaking on small-to-mid scale using an electric arc furnace (EAF). The raw materials for ironmaking that are charged into a blast furnace include lump ore, sintered ore and pellets. The ones charged into an EAF include iron scrap, reduced iron pellets and reduced iron briquettes. Sintered ore is made by partially melting and sintering coarse iron ore 1 to 3mm in size into products having a size of 15 to 30mm. The sintering process uses the combustion heat of coke breeze (fuel). Pellets are made from iron ore that is finer than that used for sintered ore. The ore fine is formed into spheroids, called green balls, approximately 12mm in diameter. The green balls are fired into product pellets. The pellets are used as the raw materials not only for blast furnaces but also for gasbased direct reduction furnaces, the process becoming popular among natural gas producing countries.



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