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13.05.2014 10:52
Google has finally decided to Zitat · antworten

Google has finally decided to unplug its Google Wave due to the lack of interest, but the web has still not felt its presence for the last time. As Google said ガガミラノ 時計 メンズ 新作 in one of its announcements that, “the company will be extending the use of technology for use in other Google ガガミラノ 店舗 projects”. The point will be to see if the technology will still go by the name “Wave”. It would be interesting to see that features are added to the product similar to Wave or how it has been improvised. Google’s aim with Wave was to replace email but that somehow did not work out. No one can change the fact that Wave did some interesting things. Only a demo or two from someone who knew what they were doing were enough to see its potential.Now the question arises that where will Wave be seen in the Google planet if not as its own product? Gmail? If replacing it was the plan then it would make some sense if Wave like features were added in Gmail which has not been seen as of yet. It could even be added to “Google Me”, but it’s still not clear what Google is up to with its much talked about social media project to rival Facebook the social media giant. There have been no announcements by Google or any real evidence regarding the same but it’s still all over the web. Wave certainly has the potential to be effective into the social networking plan. Google is getting into gaming, there are reports of investment in Zynga and talks with Playdom and Playfish, the company has reportedly agreed to acquire the game company slide. S it is covering all the sides and can be said is planning something really huge.All YouTube users will be required to have a Google account which would again be a plus point for ガガミラノ 時計 レディース 人気 Google to show its presence in all possible ways it can. Google is allowing user sign in into multiple accounts from the same browser; this could help businesses to have control over multiple accounts easily. One of the major trends in social media these days is that of checking in and Google is could take care of that with Google Place API. The company’s social media plans which are being run by Vic Gundotra, Eric Schmidt says that Google is not looking to create another Facebook, which is again a good news as it needs something different and more innovative to successfully mark its presence in that sector. Facebook is eating up much of consumer’s time online and there is no doubt that Google will try to disturb that as it is something which is difficult to take. Google Vs Facebook is very real and ultimately it’s going to go to the services or the features offered and ultimately depending on the promotions done by the companies respectively. Will Wave be used in Google Chrome, wave functioning from the browser? People might call Wave a failure of Google in Social Media but its presence is definitely going to felt in future by one way or the other, CNET quotes Google CEO Eric Schmidt as saying. "We'll get the benefit of Google Wave but it won't be as a separate product” and that is quite agreeable!



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