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25.12.2014 01:54
In 1229, a student riot at the Zitat · antworten

<P>In 1229, a student riot at the University of Paris resulted in the deaths of a number of students, and the ensuing "dispersion" or student strike in protest lasted more than two years and led to a number of reforms of the medieval university. It was founded in the mid12th century and received its official charter from the Church in 1200.[1] It was run by the Church and students were considered part of the Church and thus wore robes and shaved the tops of their heads in tonsure, to signify they were under its protection. Students operated according to the rules and laws of the Church and were not subject to the king's laws or courts. This presented ongoing problems of students abusing the laws of the city, which had no direct recourse for justice and had to appeal to Church courts. Wholesale NFL Jerseys </P>
<P>Students were often very young, entering the school at age 13 or 14 and staying for 6 to 12 years.[citation needed] They were from many regions speaking many European languages with all defined by their native language. Latin was the lingua franca at school. Eventually the Masters were organized into four "nations" comprising the French, the Picards, Normans and a polyglot of nationalities (predominantly English, German, Scandinavian and Eastern European) referred to as "English.[2] The overwhelming majority of students were from the elite or aristocratic classes of Europe as the cost of travel and maintenance of a stay at the university, as well as basic tuition, was beyond the reach of the poor. Joe Vellano Authentic Jersey </P>
<P>The riot Alfonzo Dennard Authentic Jersey </P>
<P>In March 1229, on Shrove Tuesday, Paris's preLenten carnival began. This was similar to the modernday Mardi Gras where one wore masks and generally let loose. The students often drank heavily and were rowdy, and in the suburban quarter of Saint Marcel a dispute broke out between a band of students and a tavern proprietor over a bill which led to a physical fight. The students were beaten up and thrown into the streets. The next day, seeking revenge, the students returned in larger numbers armed with wooden clubs, broke into the tavern, beat the offenders and destroyed the establishment. Other shops were damaged in a subsequent riot which spilled into the streets. Joe Vellano Navy Jersey </P>
<P>Because students had benefit of clergy that exempted them from the jurisdiction of the king's courts, angry complaints were filed with the ecclesiastical (Church) courts. The ecclesiastical courts knew that the University tended to be very protective of its students, and fearing to cause a split like that of Cambridge University from Oxford, they were trying to approach the matter carefully. But Blanche of Castile, regent of France during the minority of Louis IX, stepped in and demanded retribution. The city guardsmen, known for their rough nature, found a group of students and, with an unexpectedly heavy hand, killed several of them. The dead students were later rumored to be innocent of the actual riot. Wholesale Jerseys </P>
<P>The strike Alfonzo Dennard Jersey </P>
<P>The response from the university was to immediately go on strike. Classes were closed and striking students either went to other universities such as Reims, Oxford or Toulouse, returned home or found employment elsewhere. Faculty ceased to teach. An economic strain was placed upon the student quarter of Paris, the Latin Quarter, where the lingua franca, Latin, was commonly heard in the streets, and where the needs of the university were a major ingredient in the economy. </P>

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25.12.2014 04:20
#2 RE: In 1229, a student riot at the Zitat · antworten

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