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25.12.2014 02:04
Basics Before Gimmicks Zitat · antworten

<P>Basics Before Gimmicks</P>
<P>Don't expect to see Michael Vick Wildcatting around much in his early practices as an Eagle, offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg said Sunday.</P>
<P>Mornhinweg said the first priority is teaching Vick the quarterback position in the Eagles' offense. Any extra stuff, any specific package of Vickrelated plays designed to take advantage of the former star's hybrid skills, will come after that, Mornhinweg said. cheap nfl jerseys </P>
<P>"It's going to be a process," Mornhinweg said, in his first news conference since word broke Thursday that the Eagles would be the team to bring Vick back into the NFL, following a twoyear absence while Vick served time for running a dogfighting operation. "One, maybe two things a day after practice. He will be in an intensive learning situation . That quarterback position is real important for him, and for us, so that's the first thing, and then the other things as they present themselves. Obviously, we're going to do some other things with him."</P>
<P>Mornhinweg praised Vick as "a natural player," one of the top accolades in the Mornhinweg lexicon. He also allwoed that rookie strongside linebacker Moise Fokou did a good job against the Pats Thursday. "The look in his eyes is the look we want from our players," McDermott said.</P>
<P>Boy, do I wish I could have been there to see Michael V. practice for the 1st time. I am an alltime highly favored Steeler Fan, who happens to live in Redskin territory. However, I am supportive of Michael, and beleive he is not only remoreful, but should be given a 2nd chamce to continue to live his life during the work he has trained for. I find it hard to beleive that there are folks out there whose hearts are made of stone, but would welcome a 2nd chance for themselves or someone they loved if something similar had put them in a situation like this. To those folks I say: careful, your life is not over yet. If someone in my family ever repeatedly tortured another living thing and enjoyed it, I would not give them a 2nd chance, nor would I ever do something this heinous so I don't have to worry. Let's also clarify that this is not a 2nd chance as you and the media that tells you what to think calls it. He did not torture one dog and say, "wow that was wrong, sorry" and then stop. Instead he has admitted to ordering and participating in the hanging, drowning, electrocuting, and slamming to the ground of 810 dogs, though the number is estimated to be truthfully somewhere north of 50. Not to mention he has had other run ins such as calling himself Ron Mexico for STD testing so he cannot be linked to transmitting STDs to sexual partners, what a class act. Let's call this somewhere between an 11th and 50th chance to be more precise. He, like many other worthless members of society are only apologetic once they get caught, how convenient. In any event dear audrey, if he had treated others the way he'd like to be treated, he'd never be in this position to begin with. Take your sermons back to church with the rest of the sheep and come back to me once you're informed. Until then don't waste your breath. wholesale jerseys </P>
<P>I am no longer an Eagles fan after 50 years of supporting them, even though I live 1000 miles away. I will no longer wear my tee shirts and sweatshirts, and talk up the Eagles to my fellow workers. I can no longer watch the Eagles knowing the men on that team and organization think winning and playing is all that matters Pro football is more than the game. It is about character. No man who for years found joy, pleasure, profit, and fun in killing and torturing dogs is a man of character. I will never watch the Eagles again, never read the Inquire's football columns, stop watching Action News (hype and supporter of the Eagles), and have lost the culture I enjoyed for 50 years with the realization it (Eagles football) is the epitome of disgusting character. Listen carefully to Vick's comments, and to call his behavior and pleasure of such disgusting behavior "mistakes" reveals all. People make bad decisions. Dog cruelty is not a bad decision. When will society realize that the innocentbe they children or dogsmust be protected and respected and loved, and pedofiles and animal abusers are not making "mistakes" and all is not well by serving prison terms. Certainly we should not give them 1.6 million and cheer them on to victory in a pro sports game. Eagles, you have destroyed the illusion that you were something other than a profitseeking organization. And beacause other fans will support you, I know you don't care, as the bottom line is all that matters, another failure of a test of character. cheap jerseys </P>
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