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NFL Mascot History

The Dallas Cowboys mascot is named Rowdy and has been the club's official representative at games and charity events since 1996. It is dressed as a huge cowboy with a 10 gallon hat. The Philadelphia Eagles mascot is a person dressed as a giant eagle named Swoop, while the mascot of the Washington Redskins is more of an unofficial nature. A fan named Zema Williams has been attending Redskin contests since 1978 dressed as a Native American. Known as Chief Zee, he made the short trip to Philadelphia in 1983 dressed in his outfit and was injured by Eagles fans that attacked him.

The Atlanta Falcons mascot, Freddie Falcon, has been a fixture at Falcon games since 1974. It is dressed as a falcon wearing a jersey. Sir Purr prowls the field at Carolina Panther games since their initial 1995 season, dressed as a panther like figure. The New Orleans Saints, at one time, had a live St. Bernard named Gumbo as their mascot but Tim Jennings Jersey then switched to a costumed figure by the same name. Captain Fear, a person costumed as a pirate, fires off a cannon after every Buccaneers' score while standing aboard a huge replica of a pirate ship at Tampa Bay games.

The Buffalo Bills sent Billy Buffalo out as their mascot in 2003 wearing a costume that featured a large buffalo head that makes the individual wearing it almost 8 feet tall. The New England Patriots have a Revolutionary War Minuteman named Pat Patriot leading the squad's fans, wearing a jersey with a No. 1. Miami has a person in a dolphin costume for its mascot, complete with a helmet that makes it resemble the helmeted dolphin logo of the team. Named "TD," the dolphin mascot has been with the team since 1997.

Steely McBeam became the Pittsburgh Steelers' mascot in 2007. Dressed as a steelworker, carrying a steel beam, the mascot was named by Diana Roles of Pennsylvania after she won a contest to name the good luck charm. The Baltimore Ravens have three people dressed up like ravens named Edgar, Allen and Poe in honor of the city's famous poet. The Browns, bitter rivals of Baltimore, have four mascots in different dog costumes that go by the names of CD, TD, Chomps and Trapper. The Bengals have a mascot that is dressed like a tiger. Called Who Dey the mascot got its name from a chant raised during Cincinnati games.

The Indianapolis Colts also have a blue mascot. It is actually named Blue and has been around rooting for the Colts since 2006. The Jacksonville Jaguars blue and yellow costumed cat like mascot has been with the team since 1996. T Rac the raccoon has been the Tennessee Titan mascot since 1999, dressed as a large raccoon. The Houston Texans made Toro the Bull their mascot from the outset in 2001. It wears a blue suit with an enlarged bull head on top. Miles, dressed up in a large white horse suit, is the Denver Broncos mascot since first appearing in 1999. Wolf, a character which represents a wolf. The San Diego Chargers' Boltman has a head that is designed to look like a lightning bolt. Boltman has been seen at Charger home games since 1995.

How to Become an NFL Mascot

The mascot for a professional sports team is instantly recognizable. Fans young and old see the mascot as representing the NFL, its. Alshon Jeffery Navy Jersey

What Do Mascots Symbolize?

A mascot symbolizes the identity Alshon Jeffery Kids Jersey of the group a team, school, city or community which it represents. Mascots often represent positive attributes, such as.

The History of Tim Jennings Navy Jersey NFL Teams

The National Football League was founded in 1922. Only three teams in the NFL at that time are still members of the.

Dallas Cowboys Tattoo Ideas

Football fanatics will do anything for their team. As one way to display their dedication, some Dallas Cowboy fans get tattoos that.

Who Owns the NFL Teams?

The teams in the National Football League are owned by individuals that have either been associated with the franchise from its beginnings.

Names for Mascots

Names for Mascots. Mascots traditionally have some relevance to the sports team or organization they represent. The University of Southern California selected.



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