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sifeng Offline

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26.12.2014 01:57
I'm getting a spate of them this week Zitat · antworten

<p>I'm getting a spate of them this week on the BBC News site. A post by Apple blames it on the site but doesn't go into specifics. (If the site has a problem, why don't other browsers refuse to open it? What's Safari doing differently?) Datone Jones Womens Jersey </p><p>
Lots of stuff generally unhelpful elsewhere on the net. Kinda surprising since this has been in Safari for years.</p><p>
posted by justcorbly to computers internet (8 answers total) 1 user marked this as a favorite Nick Perry Jersey </p><p>
It's not a Safari issue, but a problem with a redirect loop. But there's no way you, as a reader, can fix this. Someone serverside needs to know about it and fix the rule.</p><p>
posted by nitsuj at 5:19 AM on July 9, 2010</p><p>
There are a few reasons other browsers open the site just fine. Two things that come to mind are 1) caching [have you opened that site in another browser before?] and 2) perhaps the rule that's causing the redirecting loop is something that targets specific browsers. Nick Perry Womens Jersey </p><p>
posted by nitsuj at 5:38 AM on July 9, 2010</p><p>
The only thing Safari is doing differently is identifying itself as Safari and not as Firefox or IE or Opera. The BBC site is doing useragent sniffing and serving different content to different browsers, and they have a bug in their code that creates a loop. It has nothing to do with the actual redirect handling code in Safari, and if you want to verify this then tell it to send a different useragent string. Thought as much.</p><p>
posted by justcorbly at 6:07 AM on July 9, 2010</p><p>
The goal is to stop infinite loops. But with today's modern websites, and constant redesigns of their URL schemes, it can happen that there is a long series of correct redirects to get from some old URL to the current one. If it happens to go over the arbitrary limit that the browser sets, you get the error. The default is 20, and used to be 10 but was increased to stop false positives. I can't find the exact value for Safari, but it may be lower. </p><p>
posted by smackfu at 6:28 AM on July 9, 2010 </p><p>
Safari does something differently, but I'm not clear what. It could be fairly subtle, as Apple's own devforums are plagued with this issue. When you can't log into the company's own site using its own browser, you know there's something bugtastic going on. Datone Jones Green Jersey </p><p>
On the Apple site's case, it's definitely related to cookie handling, as clearing the cookies makes it go away.</p><p>
posted by bonaldi at 6:45 AM on July 9, 2010</p><p>
Safari's rules about when and how to accept and send cookies are different from other browser's (details here). Where I work, we often have to program Safarispecific workarounds for this reason. It's possible that one part of BBC's site thinks that it's setting a cookie for you appropriately, and then redirecting you to another part of the site, which fails to find the cookie (because Safari didn't send it for some old reason), which redirects you to the first part of the site, which does get the cookie, so it redirects you to the other part of the site, and back and forth forever.</p>

lawrencezz Offline

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26.12.2014 04:39
#2 RE: I'm getting a spate of them this week Zitat · antworten

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