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26.12.2014 02:06
What is proper wedding receiving Zitat · antworten

<p>What is proper wedding receiving line etiquette? When I meet with couples for a prewedding consultation, I am constantly surprised at how many do not know what a receiving line is. Or if they do, they cringe at the thought. It is understandably not one of the day's highlights standing in one spot while hundreds of people file by to offer their congratulations uggh! However, unless you have a small wedding 5075 guests or less I would recommend doing a receiving line. Your guests honor you by attending your wedding. The receiving line is possibly the only time when you will be able to personally thank each guest for attending. Even though the receiving line can take 2040 minutes (depending on how many guests you have), this a fraction of the time it would take if you try to make the rounds to EVERYONE at your reception. So once this is done, you will be able to enjoy your party much more! Below I offer some tips on wedding receiving line etiquette. Randall Cobb Jersey </p><p>
Wedding Receiving Line Etiquette Tip 1 Keep it Simple Randall Cobb Kids Jersey </p><p>
The surest way to make the receiving line an excruciating process is to go very traditional by including both sets of parents and the entire wedding party. No, no, no! From a guest's point of view, this is NOT fun. Very few guests are aquainted with all of those people. They have to shake hands and introduce themselves to a bunch of strangers when who they really want to see is you and your groom! Keep it simple by having the receiving line include just you and your honey. The parents and wedding party are typically mingling close by so anyone who wants to speak to them can easily do so.</p><p>
Wedding Receiving Line Etiquette Tip 2 Act as Ushers Tramon Williams Green Jersey </p><p>
Typically, after the ceremony, the ushers dismiss the guests row by row. Instead, you and your groom can handle this task. After you are pronounced husband and wife, you will still walk back up the aisle. The minister can ask the guests to, "Please remain seated, the bride and groom will be back to dismiss you from your seats". What I like about this type of receiving line is that your guests do not have to stand in line. They can remain comfortable seated. However, keep in mind that if you have an outdoor ceremony you may have to improvise. There always seems to be one very hot weekend a year where we live 100+ degree weather. If your wedding falls on such a day and you have the opportunity to get the guests inside an air conditioned reception room do so! I've seen several people over the years, pass out from heat either during or after the ceremony. Go to plan B and have the receiving line somewhere inside. Tramon Williams Kids Jersey </p><p>
Wedding Receiving Line Etiquette Tip 3 Provide Direction </p><p>
Make the receiving line multitask by setting it up so it guides your guests in the direction you want them to go. For example, if you're ceremony and reception are in two different rooms, stand in a location that will help guide the guests to the reception. If you'd like the guests to begin eating, consider standing near the start of the food line. The guests offer their congratulations and then continue onto the buffet. </p><p>
In today's wedding world, wedding receiving line etiquette is not complicated. For most weddings, a receiving line is a necessary evil. But is a great way to quickly and efficiantly thank each guest for coming.</p>

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26.12.2014 04:27
#2 RE: What is proper wedding receiving Zitat · antworten

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