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26.12.2014 09:33
Yin Lee's film debut definitely not CBC fare Zitat · antworten

Yin Lee's film debut definitely not CBC fare

It is always just a matter of time before sex rears its head at a film festival, and here on the French Riviera it happens even more quickly, seeing as how it's never fully unreared, so to speak.

So it is that the hottest movies in the first week of the Cannes film festival are, well, the hottest movies. People are talking about Princess by Anders Morgenthaler, a drama in a Japanese anime style with some live action, about a man who launches a crusade against the porn industry that killed his sister. The sex is animated, but it's there. There is also buzz around Taxidermia, Gyorgy Palfi's surreal voyage into a world of excrement, vomiting, morbid obesity and bizarre sex. Key scene: a man has carnal knowledge of a knothole in a barn wall while a rooster pecks away on the other side. The verdict of the Hollywood Reporter is that Taxidermia is "likely to be viewed in its bloody entirety only by thoracic surgeons and maniacs."

Explicit sex with or without violence is an honourable tradition in Cannes, going back to such provocations as Gaspar Noe's Irreversible, Vincent Gallo's Brown Bunny and even David Cronenberg's Crash.

And now there's another Canadian connection: John Cameron Mitchell's Shortbus, an explicit comedy drama about a group of young New Yorkers on a voyage of self discovery, most of the time with their clothes off. The cast is headed by Sook Yin Lee, host of CBC Radio's Definitely Not The Opera, in a performance that is and let me be the first to say it definitely not.

We meet her character, Sofia, leaning stark naked on a piano and having several varieties of what appears to be unsimulated sex with her husband Rob (Raphael Barker). Although Sofia is a sex therapist "I prefer relationship counsellor," she keeps saying she has never had an orgasm, and her journey on Shortbus includes encounters with an impressively rubbery vibrator and the insertion of a vibrating vaginal egg that is activated by a remote control. In a moment typical of the movie's wicked humour, the remote gets misplaced and someone uses it to try to change channels on the TV.

Sook Yin Lee was almost fired by CBC when it was announced she was taking the role. "There was confusion and fear on the part of my bosses," she says now, adding that she was fascinated how they all supported the idea of the film, but they all said that the boss above them didn't want her to do it. The threat of firing was dropped Robbie Gould Women Jersey in the face of a public protest supporting her decision.

"It was the most beautiful thing because in the end, my bosses just went 'Phew. You are allowed to do this.

However, it was not meant to be erotic. The Jared Allen Jersey opening scene, for instance, in which a man performs an act of autofellatio, is meant to be part of the theme about sexual self sufficiency and the way people are separated.

"Sex is just another brushstroke in the painting of life. Fear of sex is at the root of many problems that aren't directly connected to sex," he told reporters, adding that there is more violence in "erotophobic" countries. He quoted Yoko Ono, who wrote a letter to CBC supporting Lee, which read, "If people were having better sex there would be less war."

The movie which was developed in workshops among actors who improvised scenes includes heterosexual couples seeking connections, homosexual couples looking for love, and even some threesomes; in one case, three gay men in a menage a trois stop to sing the American national anthem. It all adds up to a movie that may be hard to distribute, but Mitchell said he wasn't worried about what kind of rating Shortbus might get. "I really want the ratings board to have to watch this film," he said.

He also hopes young people get a chance to watch it. Internet porn sites are the chief sexual educational tool these days, he said, and so sex is Robbie Gould Youth Jersey viewed as a commodity. One of his favourite lines in the film comes during an orgy scene at a sex club, when the manager looks at the writhing couples and says, "It's like the '60s, but with less hope.

"There is this disillusionment that vents itself in anger, and other negative ways, drugs. (Young people) feel powerless in the era of Bush, which is about clamping down, being scared," Mitchell said. Among other Jared Allen Navy Jersey things, Shortbus is something of a call to arms.

"There are other ways of thinking, and there are still hopefully Americans worth hanging out with.".



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