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At some point in our lives, weve all had to deal with the irritation and embarrassment caused by spots, whether they appear the night before school, the morning of a big date or while preparing for a presentation at work. The reality of living with acne, however, is a constant struggle with incidents such as these, to the point that they can become an almost daily occurrence. The damage done to a persons self-esteem and confidence is something that nobody should have to live with, and the variety of potential treatments is so numerous most people will have no idea where to begin looking. The inflammation Reggie Bush Lions Jersey , and especially scarring, that come with prolonged acne can linger long after the spots themselves have subsided, potentially turning the disease into something that affects people for the rest of their lives. As such, there are many different remedies with the aim of getting rid of acne marks, both natural and otherwise. Antibiotics are one of the most popular ways of tackling severe acne, however the potential side effects and possible dangers associated with prolonged usage mean that they should not be used in every case.

Benzoyl peroxide is another of the most popular treatments for acne, however the observed side effects do little to aid the appearance of your skin and can, in fact, lead to it looking worse. Among these are irritable, reddened skin that can have a tendency to dry out and flake meaning that, while it is certainly one of the more effective treatments for mild acne, the process of applying it can temporarily affect your skin negatively.

Surgery is Ndamukong Suh Lions Jersey , again, one of the most effective ways of attacking acne, with procedures such as laser surgery and surgical lancing capable of clearing a persons skin near perfectly. It is, however, an unavoidably painful process and one that is likely to cost a person a considerable amount of money, money which would be wasted if the symptoms reoccurred for the patient. Laser surgery, as such, is an option that should only be con



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