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Yoga is not just for girls, in fact, practicing Yoga is excellent for enhancing virility, and energy! It's been said that the ancient holy men and yogis of India were "romantically" active throughout their lives鈥nd they lived a long time. Yoga played a big part in keeping them fit. This article presents some very "potent" Yoga poses for men, designed to tone the organs and to boost your libido. If you're concerned about male sexual dysfunction you may want to incorporate these poses and movements (called "Asanas") into your regular exercise program. Yoga is traditionally practiced for maintaining body strength Marcus Peters Chiefs Jersey , flexibility and balance so don't be surprised if in addition to finding yourself romantically primed, you find yourself feeling totally rejuvenated; even spiritually transformed. Instructions and descriptions of each Asana come from certified Yoga instructors including my own. Please note, the exercises described here are for information purposes only and are not meant to replace professional medical treatment. You can view detailed photos and videos describing all the poses on my Green Lotus website, so do check it out. Remember, before beginning any exercise program Marcus Allen Jersey , always consult your health care professional. Why Is Yoga So Powerful in Boosting the Male Libido? Male energy manifests in nature as a vibration. These vibrations, according to Kundalini Yoga, originate at the base of your spine. Kundalini means "coiled up energy". The Kundalini Yoga exercises demonstrated here, help to raise the level of this vibration within your body so the coil unfurls and rises up through your body. But Kundalini Yoga poses do even more. If there is a "blockage" along the male energy channels of your body, these poses will help to "unblock" the channel letting your energy flow naturally. Here's what may be expected from practicing these exercises: You'll experience increased sexual energy You'll have improved flexibility for more mobile activity The movements strengthen and develop buttocks and legs Erectile dysfunction is improved Prepare For Your Yoga Practice Wear something comfortable that's not too tight around your waist or crotch area. Don't wear a loose shirt that will get in your face when you bend over. Don't wear socks Len Dawson Jersey , as you may slip when holding the positions. Don't eat a lot for at least two hours before Yoga. Try to avoid eating meat, fats, and spicy foods for 10 hrs before Yoga. If you don't have a Yoga mat, you can do the exercises on a floor or carpet or outside on any comfortable terrain. Allow sufficient space to complete the exercises. If you can lie on your back and make a "snow angel" you've got enough space. If you like, turn on some non-intrusive Larry Johnson Jersey , relaxing music. Sit cross-legged or in a half-lotus position. Don't worry if your knees are nowhere near the floor. Proper Breathing Techniques In Yoga, proper breathing is just as important as each Asana. Some of the Asana's require that you take a deep but comfortable breath inhaling and exhaling through your nose. Some positions specify relaxed breathing and some call for fast breathing. It's OK to Modify Any Position to Fit Your Level of Fitness Each Yoga Asana demonstrates the recommended number of repetitions, but it doesn't mean you have to begin by doing all of them. Work your way up to the suggested number, or if that's not possible, just go to where your body feels comfortable. If any exercise is too strenuous Joe Montana Jersey , stop. You can always pick it up when you're ready. You should feel like you are stretching and strengthening your muscles. Never go to pain! Remember, this is your Yoga practice. Take breaks between the exercises for at least 30 seconds. Stay calm, focused and relaxed during breaks. If you prefer, practice only a few of the active poses in a single exercise session and practice the others at another time. Work your way up to longer sessions that i



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