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some point in this journey adidas zx 700 uomo , we get the message. We cease tobe blown hither and yon by every passing emotion. Wediscover that life is its own meaning. We have penetratedto the Earth, or heart chakra.Earth, or the heart:We ourselves are the meaning. "I AM THAT I AM," and for noother reason. We take refuge in life itself with noreferrals. This is it!"I am in it to the end, and that's all, And the 'ever' it'scoming to be. And in me is out, the shadow of doubt, Andthe 'in' that is 'out', Well, that's me!"Earth/Sun represent the end of meaning, the heart of itall. The two are one. The marriage is consummated, thechild is born. The Earth is us as we are in our oneness.The Sun is the essence of what it all means.The planets inside the orbit of the Earth, Venus andMercury, are very misunderstood in modern astrology. Bothare beyond any physical depiction.Venus, or compassion:Inside Earth. Compassion. Infinite response and attention.Cherishing. How we respond to life. How we find ourselvesin response to life. Love, in the sense of responding orattending to.Mercury, or light:Messenger truth. First out from the Sun. The light ofknowing or seeing in our eyes. Communication itself.Essence of communication.Sun, or system:The Sun is not a planet. The description for the Earthgiven above is the traditional meaning for the Sun. Thetrue Sun is the whole solar system.The Signs of the ZodiacAries. The Ram. Spring. The pioneer, adventurer. Courage,daring, boldness. The fountainhead or source. The word ofLogos. Impulse, energetic, start, beginning, manifestation.Taurus. The Bull. The universe's response, reaction to thenew impulse at Aries. Aries draws forth in Taurus a body orenvironment to match the impulse. Every new thought orimpulse draws forth a response from the universe. Taurus isthe body that comes forth. It is all kinds of having,fielding, response. The field. The ear. Taurus is thesteady, deliberate, determined response of life to newideas, impulses, and so on -- possessing them, embodyingthem.Gemini: The Twins. The endless search for experience,substance, and limits. Always in motion, communicating,inquiring adidas zx 750 uomo , investigating, exploring. "Getting to know you,getting to know all about you." Nervous, versatile,inventive, curious, linking, reasoning, making connections.Cancer: The Crab. The experience, vehicle, or body itself.The house and home -- The Chariot. The experience as infeeling, living, and sensing life. Protective, domestic,sympathetic.Leo: The Lion. Self-awareness, ownership, pride. Discovery.Emotion (emote: to move out from, migrate), expression.Acting, creative, children, sports. Fullness, power, prideof ownership. I have lived, I live! Regal.Virgo: The Virgin. Concern, care for. Conservation of life.Salvage, harvesting, repair, maintenance. The drive toconserve and maintain life -- salvage, salvation.Attention to details, repair, craftsmanship. Busy,concerned, careful. Worrying. Practical, analytical,discriminating.Libra. The Scale. Marriage and union. (Yoga: to join, oryoke.) Marriage is the most common form of yoga.Unconditional acceptance or response. Diplomatic.Compassionate adidas zx 750 donna , attentive.Scorpio. The Scorpion. Purgatory, the furnace, phoenix. Theadjustments of marriage or union. Responsibility. Removingexcess, purification. Reduction of personality toessentials. Intense, penetrating, elimination,metamorphosis, genuine.Sagittarius. The Archer. What remains after the furnace ofScorpio. The remains, relics, embers. That which cannot befurther reduced. Thus the truth, religion, philosophy.Enthusiastic, profound, generous, frank. Projection.Capricorn: The Goat. The purified essence bursts intolight. Clairvoyance, clear-seeing. Practical vision.Unemotional. Sober, orderly, control, mani[censored] ting, power.Aquarius: The Water Bearer. Carrying the spiritual light ofCapricorn into actuality. "For spirit must be made tomatter." The resolve to implement our clearest vision. Thewill to do it. Impersonal, willing to work with anyone andany vehicle, thus, group or team work. Aspiring,unconventional, humane associations.Pisces. The Fishes. Intuitive. Accepting, understanding,willing to sacrifice. Accepting what is for the sake ofwhat could be made of it.The Chartwheel and the ZodiacThe astrological wheel, or mandala, is a map of the spacesurrounding us at the time of our birth. The wheel isdivided into twelve sections called houses -- six houses inthe sky above, six beneath the Earth below. These housesare numbered counterclockwise, starting with the 1st houseand the direction east, on the left-hand side of the wheel.Planets in the heavens are placed on the chart wheel in thehouses that correspond to where they actually are in thesky. Of the 12 houses, astrologers find the four mostimportant are the one directly above our heads (10th), theone under our feet (4th), the one on the left and to theeast (1st&#



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