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In fact, hockey is not truly considered to be in that big four grouping any longer. Of course, a more accurate description of the sports climate might show that NASCAR and MMA have joined the NFL, NBA and MLB in that top tier. Hockey however is on the outside looking in Sam Bradford Jersey , no longer enjoying the popularity it once did.

How did this happen to the NHL? Was it the entire season that was lost to the lockout that did this? No, that wasn't the reason, that lost year to the lockout was actually a symptom of the problem itself. The lockout was held because salaries were getting out of control and many franchises, outside of the most popular ones such as the New York Rangers and Detroit Red Wings, simply could not afford to keep paying as much to their players as they were.

They weren't making enough revenue to pull it off. Revenue is brought in for sports teams through several areas, the most important of which are television rights and ticket sales. As the popularity of the sport waned Robert Quinn Jersey , these sources of income did as well. Therefore the lockout was a result of the problem, not the cause of the problem.

While the lockout wasn't in itself the cause of the NHL's problems, it certainly didn't help. When hockey returned to television in the 2005-2006 season, ESPN passed on the broadcast rights for NHL games. OLN (now known as Versus) picked up the broadcast rights - this network has a much smaller reach than ESPN and correspondingly shallower pockets. As a result, the NHL continues to have financial difficulties and many hockey fans are unab



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