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12.08.2015 08:55
Syria bomb threat could prompt increased airport security Zitat · antworten

<P>"[This threat] is different and more disturbing Authentic Alfred Blue Jersey than past aviation plots," one Kareem Jackson Womens Jerseysource said.
<P>A team Alfred Blue Womens Jersey of Homeland Security officers was on constant patrol at the main terminal of Dulles Airport on Wednesday as were others with Randy Bullock Womens Jerseyexplosive sniffing dogs and assault rifles. security posture and encourage overseas partners to take action too. The agencies have also been debating whether to make a public announcement on potential new security measures at airports.
<P>The back and forth has been based on intelligence showing that a particularly extreme "subset" of terrorist groups in Syria was working alongside operatives from al Qaeda's prolific offshoot in Yemen to produce "creative" new designs for bombs, as one source put it. officials learned that associates of the al Qaeda affiliate in Syria the Al Nusrah Front and radicals from other groups were teaming up with elements of the Yemen based group Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which built such innovative devices as the "underwear bomb" that ultimately failed to detonate in a plane over Detroit on Christmas Day 2009. and European passports who have joined Al Nusrah Front and other groups in the region. government, however, has not indicated a specific target or a specific timeline. officials have been outspoken about the dangers posed by Al Qaeda in the Garrett Graham Womens Jersey Arabian Peninsula and separately the threat of foreign fighters in Syria, the latest intelligence shows that the two threats have bonded in an unusually powerful way, essentially creating a sum more worrisome than its parts. officials, in regular consultation with the White House, began developing plans and potential security measures to address the threat. The development of those plans is now in its final stages, according to sources. stations in airports overseas. But one source said new measures could include increasing the rates of random screenings at airports, targeting certain types of travelers, or more obvious changes for travelers going through security lines.
<P>The potentially lethal partnership in Syria is at least part of what sparked an advisory to airlines earlier this year to look out for Authentic Chris Myers Jersey explosives laden toothpaste tubes, cosmetics and shoes. Authentic D.J. Swearinger Jersey
<P>Rep. and that the federal Kareem Jackson Jersey government needs to be "very aggressive" Randy Bullock Jerseyis responding to it.
<P>"I can go into all the details but that is very D.J. Swearinger Jerseyimportant to do because a number of airports do not have the type of security that they should have," King said Sunday on ABC News' "This Week," speaking about Authentic Garrett Graham Jersey boosting measures at airports overseas.
<P>Since January, officials with access to the country's Chris Myers Womens Jersey most sensitive intelligence have warned publicly that hard to detect "technologies and techniques" were being exported to Syria, that Chris Myers Jerseyforeign fighters from the West were "learn[ing] new things" and "build[ing] new relationships" in Syria, and that "training complexes" were popping up there to prepare Western fighters for terrorist attacks against their home countries. homeland from Syria, though he declined to offer any details. government is spending "a tremendous amount of time and effort trying to identify" anyone who's gone to Syria, but "the challenge" is not missing anyone.
<P>In an exclusive interview on Thursday with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos, President Obama noted that "battle hardened" foreign fighters in Syria are increasingly slipping over porous borders and joining terrorist groups Alfred Blue Jersey in Iraq, where the group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIS is now wreaking havoc.
<P>Though al Qaeda denounced and Garrett Graham Jersey cut ties with ISIS earlier this year, elements Authentic Kareem Jackson Jerseyof both groups are committed to attacks against the West.
<P>"Then they come back, they've got European passports . [and] don't D.J. Swearinger Womens Jersey need a visa to get into the United States," Authentic Randy Bullock Jerseythe president said of certain foreign fighters.



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